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Софтуер CompendiumМоят добър приятел и ментор, Крис Баггот, търси технически директор за своята компания, Софтуер Compendium. Тъй като това е стартъп, Крис се стреми да състави агресивен пакет, който ще привлече звездата, от която се нуждае. Крис и Али Продажби имат фантастична визия за Compendium, имат финансиране и сега искат да се захванат с месинг и да построят системата.

I can’t talk too much about what the system will do, only that it’s a revolutionary look at blogging that will drive business results, especially for corporate blogs. Chris needs someone with the talent in their fingertips to drive this vision to reality. Ideally, this individual should have a background in startups, social networking, blogging, search, and the development and architectures needed to build an enterprise level application. Of course, a fantastic background in development is a must-have – utilizing the best technologies (your choice).

If you’re talented, this can be your ticket. Chris helped grow ExactTarget to Inc 500’s fastest growing companies in the country. He’s the real deal. For more information and to submit your resume, contact Chris through Compendium’s website. Не се търсят изпълнители - това е единична, щатна позиция.

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    Hey Doug. This sounds exciting and actually right up your alley.

    Изненадан съм, че не бихте скочили при тази възможност, тъй като имате толкова добри работни и лични отношения с Крис.

    Изглежда, че през последните няколко месеца беше страхотно време за придобиване на стартиращи фирми, така че всеки, който има умения, трябва да скочи веднага на това ... кой знае, Compendium може да се превърне в следващата покупка от голям играч ...

    Помислете само за опциите за акции 🙂

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      Здравей Шон,

      Крис е изправен човек и никога не би рискувал да изтегли таланта от ExactTarget за собствените си начинания.

      Also, I think Chris really needs someone with a strong professional programming background. Though I’ve developed professionally, I’m much more of a product manager, identifying strategies and client needs, then turning those into requirements for development teams. That’s my niche.

      I am posting this on my blog, though, so that my network can reach out. Chris needs the best of the best on this and I want to do everything I can to help with Compendium’s success! Pass this info on if you know of someone.


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    Thank you for the post Doug. Unfortunatly, my non-compete with ExactTarget puts Doug out of my reach.

    The right person for this has leadership, vision and will work very very hard to make this company successful. We know what we want the software to do…we have customers lining up…we just need the right team member to come along and lead our technology efforts.

    Крис Баггот

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      Здравей Марти!

      Wow! Another local talented entrepreneur visiting my site! For those of you folks that haven’t seen nor hear of Wild Birds Unlimited, their motto is “Bringing people and nature together is behind everything we do.” They are an incredible company.

      And they are incredible marketers. I’ve rarely seen a company that does such a great job at communicating with their customers and bonding with them. (My grandfather is a proud customer!)

      Thanks for stopping by, Marty. Compendium is the evolution of blogging! While other folks are building platforms and plugins, Chris’ company is building a solution that brings search and content together! I can’t wait to test drive it!

      Най-топло пожелание,

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