дуглас-карThis week I’m in attendance at the first annual Лагер Mashup в Маунтин Вю, Калифорния. Определението за каша според Уикипедия is ‘a website or web application that combines content from more than one source’. To me, this simply means an integrated web application. In the last year or so, I’ve built several ‘Mashups’ or been involved in several Mashups.

Coming to the first Camp, though, has been an incredible experience. Meeting with developers big and small as well as the companies who are driving the technology has been fantastic. Though I am buried deep in the confines of Silicon Valley, I’m really starting to catch the bug! Web 2.0 is coming. You should be excited about it because it means rapid development, fewer problems bringing products to market, and easier integration.

Няколко страхотни неща:

  • - това е невероятен инструмент, изграден върху API на evdb (база данни за събития и събития). Някои от приложенията са наистина забележителни ... например можете да качите вашия списък за възпроизвеждане в iTunes и да получите обратно календар на събитията, свързани с тях. ЕХА. Разработчиците дори разработиха IM бот, на който можете да задавате въпроси. (Събития в Ню Йорк тази вечер? И се връща с всички събития в Ню Йорк тази вечер).
  • Yahoo! и Google преобръщат света на ГИС с откритата версия на разработката API инструменти за почистване на адреси, геокодиране и картографиране. Работих за доставчик преди 5 години, който харчеше стотици хиляди долари за инструменти като този, които сега са достъпни в мрежата за всички.
  • – this company has built an application that basically rips the clothes off the airline industry and puts their crappy pricing schemes out there for the world to see! Are you checking on a flight price and wonder why it’s never changing? This guys tool might show you that you’re wasting your time… it may never change!
  • - вендинг машината на мрежата за интерфейси за програмиране на приложения.
  • – these folks are the masters of mobile integration. They demo’d a system where I could actually watch how my mobile-enabled application runs on the phone through a web interface!
  • – another Mobile tech mashup, these guys have some cool stuff. Right now they have a system released where you can text message the call letters of a radio station to find out the song that’s playing on the radio.
  • - използвайки Google Maps, тези хора са изградили интерфейс за треньори, велосипедисти, бегачи и т.н., за да регистрират своите мили. Не просто картографиране на милите, но и показване на промените в котата, които са на път !!!
  • – this guy works out of his garage in his spare time and has built a GUI interface to build your own maps using Google or Yahoo! Not only that, but he’s developing his own API това е родово и говори с някой от другите GIS API. Фрикин брилянтен !!!

Microsoft,, ExactTarget, Zend, PHP, MySQL, Yahoo!, Google, eBay, Amazon… all the big boys were present. The nice thing, though… was that they were there to help and guide the ‘mashers’, not to push their technologies on each other. I didn’t see any flagrant sales pushes. The entire camp was really there to get the companies and the developers to unite to begin the ‘Mashup’ movement.

What a killer week! I have so much to bring back to my company as we continue to expand our own API. As well, it will be great fun to ‘Mashup’ our application with so many others. Not sure how much sleep I’ll get in the next month or two!

За повече информация отидете You can also register early for next year’s Mashup! I’ll see you there.

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