Outbrain: Насочете трафика с препоръки за съдържание

препоръки за съдържанието на outbrain

We’ve experimented with quite a few services for displaying related posts on our single post pages on Martech. Right now we’re testing Outbrain and I have to say I’m quite impressed. Here’s an explanation of the service:

Outbrain има кратка анализ package that provides click-through data and popularity of each of the posts submitted through their system. We added our feed to make it simple – but we’re also sharing our more popular posts as well. For the display on our site, we’re optionally donating any paid clicks from our blog to charity… a very cool option that’s tracked in the Outbrain platform.

Here’s our first partial day of running Outbrain:

Най-важното, нашата съответно съдържание is being displayed on sites that have much larger audiences than we have… but I get to decide what my daily budget is and how much money I’m willing to spend per click. That’s the trifecta… right place, right time, and right price. I’m looking forward to seeing how Outbrain can garner new readers to Martech Zone!

Installed on over 50,000 top publisher sites and blogs, Outbrain is the leading content recommendation platform on the web. Our platform is integrated below the articles on most premium publisher sites where readers are actively looking to discover new content. This unique placement is viewed by readers as being editorially endorsed, allowing us to deliver a high quality audience of consumers who self-identify as being interested in the marketer’s content

Вземете безплатна джаджа за да започнете да показвате съответно съдържание, вътрешно за вашия сайт днес.

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