Ненатрапчиви интерфейси

I still see spells of UI vs Browser App in articles and conversations across the Internet. Google has already proven that you can have a very robust client-server application utilizing a Web browser. There's no doubt in my mind that this is the future of web development and applications. The Operating System of the future could simply be a browser and the user can utilize, transfer, and open files across servers rather than across clients. This will save on bandwidth as well as local storage, virus protection, upgrades, etc., etc.

Хуманният интерфейс: нови насоки за проектиране на интерактивни системиРазбира се, тази еволюция ще промени и начина, по който работят приложенията. Четох за Център Раскин online and wasn't even aware that there was an Institute that studied human interaction with computers. Wow. I may need to pick up the book.

I saw this video on Humanized and it's a simple look at dialog messaging and how it will evolve applications in the near future. In fact, some of these interactions could be built now utilizing JavaScript and CSS. It's a simple means of executing an informational dialog to the user without making them stop and click a button. I thought it was pretty interesting.

Apple вече пуска технологията да работи (изненада!) Чрез своя хардуер ... много скоро трябва да започнем да виждаме тази култура в софтуера:
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