ChaCha + iPhone: Сигнали, география, отговори, споделяне

приложение за чача за iphone

chacha географско търсенеI just downloaded and got to play with ChaCha’s updated iPhone Application. I’m impressed… the usability is simple and the features are robust. The original ChaCha iPhone app used to just push answers from the database through the iPhone app back to the user. This application is quite the step up – and has a few surprises.

  1. Както при ChaCha сайт, всички въпроси без отговор се изпращат към пула за ръководство за жив отговор.
  2. ChaCha винаги е съхранявала география с нейните въпроси but never leveraged that data. With a database pushing millions of responses a day, that’s quite a goldmine of information. As Scott states in his video regarding the app – it’s pretty addictive to see what questions others are asking around you.
  3. Сега можете да добавяне на сигнали! Got a topic of interest? Get the results pushed to you. I’m sure my daughter will have Джъстин Бийбър Въпроси зададени за нула време.
  4. Споделяне на въпрос вече е възможно чрез имейл, SMS и Facebook!
  5. Свързани въпроси са лесни за разглеждане!

It’s great to see Scott’s team break out in the lead with some innovative ideas – and really packed neatly into a concise application. Given the Google Panda debacle, this step increases engagement with ChaCha’s ravenous fans. From a marketing standpoint, I like that it both encourages more browsing (with the Функция „Близо до мен“), както и вгражда подхранваща функция, за да накара потребителите да се върнат (с Сигнали).

Congratulations ChaCha team! Find and download the new ChaCha iPhone app on your iPhone. I hope there’s an iPad version coming – this is just too cool!

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