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експерименти в google abc

Google Website Optimizer is kaput, replaced with Google Experiments. With Content Experiments, you can compare how different web pages perform using a random sample of your visitors, define what percentage of your visitors are included in the experiment, choose which objective you’d like to test and, eventually, you’ll also get updates by email about how your experiment is doing.

експерименти в google

Here’s a video overview of Google Experiments:

As sophisticated and expansive as Google Analytics has become, I’m actually having a tough time with Google Experiments. It’s just my opinion, but I really don’t understand why Google went at this from a page URL level. Most companies utilize content management systems nowadays and it’s a pain to set up multiple pages, block each from search engines, and develop a means of driving traffic randomly between them.

Повечето уеб страници са разработени не като цялостна единица, а като страница с различни изображения, съдържание, раздели, бутони, призив за действие и др. Google обсъжда съдържание оптимизация на страницата на Google Experiments, но макар че можете да повторите чрез промяна на някои елементи на публикуваните страници, ще бъде много по-хубаво, ако мога просто да тествам елементи, а не цялата страница.

Сложихте ли Google Experiments да работят? Изпускам ли нещо?

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