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Steven Hodson’s blog is one of my favorites, WinExtra. Steven’s added a lot of color to my blog with 28 comments since January! That’s a lot of user generated content and I really appreciate all the support Steven’s provided me.

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  1. I actually found a bug in your header file! In your alternate link to your RSS feed, there’s no actual link URl в алтернативния ви маркер за връзка. Трябва да бъде:

    За хора, които обичат да намират и щракват ръчно бутона RSS, може да искате да го поставите над вашия талисман (извинете талисман!) С малка бележка да се абонирате. Може дори да премахнете формуляра за абонамент за имейл и да го сложите там!

  2. IMHO, I would move your Categories further down you page. I’m only guessing, but I believe if you do an analysis of your page interactions, you’ll find that recent comments and recent posts will drive more traffic into your site. I’ve found that comments especially drive a lot of traffic. It’s the behavior of the herd… if people are commenting, it must be interesting!
  3. You’ve got a great look and feel to the blog, I really like the style – and I don’t care that you used tables ;). I would make your “WinExtra” title in the header a link back to the home page, though. There’s some work you can do there. First, I would wrap Winextra in both an H1 tag and a link back to your home page. An H1 will tell search engines that it’s the most important feature there. You can control the link with CSS so that it doesn’t change appearance in your style sheet:
    #left_header_title h1 a {text-decoration: none; шрифт-тегло: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; размер на шрифта: 43px; вляво: 35px; позиция: относителна; отгоре: 30px; шрифт-тегло: нормално}
  4. I noticed throughout your blog that you don’t put heading tags to use (h1, h2, h3). Believe it or not, those words will be indexed due to their importance. So, if I look up ‘scrappy features’, you’re no where to be found. Try throwing Характеристика in an H2 heading on the page along with the Keyboard Shortcuts, etc. and you’ll get better indexing!
  5. Вашата карта на сайта е фантастична. Ново за стандартите на картите на сайта е възможността да ги препращате във вашия файл robots.txt! Бих актуализирал вашия файл robots.txt със следното:
    Потребителят-агент: *
    Забраняване: / wp-
    Карта на сайта: https://martech.zone/sitemap.xml

    This will ensure that the search robots don’t even attempt to crawl any WordPress Admin pages and such as well as let all of them know where your sitemap is!

  6. I’m guessing but I figure TwitBox has been a great source of traffic for your site. You’ve got other products as well but I didn’t even know it! I think you should put up a nice decorative banner of some sort with an icon with each of the products! Perhaps a nice big Freeware (instead of ‘Homegrown Software’) box with an icon and note about each product? Putting that on the home page will drive some more traffic and the software will keep them coming back!

Whew! That was a tough one! It’s tough finding stuff to improve with a Net Vet like yourself, Steven! And – I was surprised that I didn’t have you on my Blogroll. You’re on there! Thanks for contributing to my site so much.

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    Първо благодаря, че отделихте време за размисъл, наистина го оценявам.

    Заключих публикацията ви в един от моите бюлетини за новини FeedDemon за безопасно съхранение и ще започна да преминавам през утре и ще разбера как да поправите корекциите.

    Голяма част от настройките са тези по подразбиране, които идват с темата, така че знаех, че трябва да се свърши някаква работа, така че е хубаво да имаме отправна точка, от която да работим.

    и благодаря за подсилването на егото за това, че сте NetVet ... направи ми ден day

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