Работата ви работи ли ви? Колко служители?

A few months ago, you wouldn’t catch me at my desk until 9AM or later. It’s not that I worked late… it’s just that my job was working me more than I was working it. Quite possibly, it was the best job a person could find here in the mid-west. In the software industry, I would really challenge folks to find better. I was a Product Manager with one of the fastest growing companies – not just in the region – but in the country. Rapid growth brings a lot of challenge with it, though.

I come from a Production background, so much of my impression of modern work still returns to my engineering core. A product is designed, built, sold and supported. It’s pretty simple… until you start growing at a rapid rate. Instead of starting the new assembly line, you keep adding people to it. Imagine the sled dog pulling the sleigh. Add a couple more dogs and a couple more riders and now you need a great musher and a dog leader. Add too many, though, and the dogs don’t know which direction to move and the musher is lost somewhere in the mix.

Срещи - Никой от нас не е толкова тъп, колкото всички. Despair.com
The irony, of course, is that massive growth is one of the core characteristics of business success. I’m not knocking big business at all – I’m just knocking работа in a big business. With my last transition, I’ve moved from a company of over 200 to a company of 5.

At my new job, there’s probably two to three times the work than there is people. The difference is no one is waiting on another person, though… we’re all sprinting as quickly as we can to knock out the work. No one is upset, no one is yelling… we’re all helping each other move the product and our clients forward. Some of our clients are incredibly large, but they are extremely forgiving as long as we maintain communication with them and let them know our progress.

последно седмица Инсталирах телефонна система PBX, мрежа, безжична мрежа, проектирах първия ни бюлетин, изпратих първата ни кампания, написах изисквания за няколко подобрения на нашата система за два екипа разработчици, работих за отблокирането ни с AOL Postmasters, преместих офисът от нашите стари до нови локации, помогна за внедряването на няколко нови клиенти и през цялото време се занимаваше телефонна компания въпроси.

That may be more than I achieved in the last year at the larger company! My point here isn’t to knock the company I worked for – I still am a customer and would recommend them as the best in the industry, bar none. My point is only to bring attention to the fact that small, autonomous teams can move at lightning speed. If you want to see progress, then remove the bureaucracy and empower your employees to succeed.

Един пример, който прочетох преди много години, беше за WL Гор, компанията, която е изобретила Gore-tex.

кръв е посочен сред „100-те най-добри компании за работа в Америка“ от списание FORTUNE, а нашата култура е модел за съвременни организации, търсещи растеж чрез разгръщане на креативност и насърчаване на работата в екип.

The leaders at Gore found growing a location beyond a certain number of employees minimized creativity and reduced overall productivity. Instead of growing the company, Gore would simply start a ‘new’ company, mirroring the product lines and the organizational structure of each location. Now they have over 8,000 employees in 45 locations. If you do the math, that’s about 177 employees per location – a very manageable employee count.

Software today lends itself to this structure. There’s no need to have a massive development team tripping over themselves to develop an enormous application with deeply-hidden bugs and layers and layers of complexity. Instead, SOA насърчава малки, автономни екипи. Всеки екип може да създаде сложни решения ... единственото общо е как частите от приложението си говорят.

Животът е добър в нашите малки компания. We’re taking on investment funding right now (feel free to свържете се с мен if you’re a serious investor) and the industry is wide open. Some might disagree, but I don’t believe we have a single, capable competitor. We’re aligned and integrated with the best solutions in the industry… leveraging email, SMS, Voiceshot, Fax, Web and POS технологии за максимизиране на ангажираността и рентабилността за ресторантьорството.

Luckily, we’re lean, mean, and moving at an astonishing rate of speed. We have established relationships with the most well-respected companies in the Restaurant, Web, Search and Marketing industries. The industry is ours for the taking and we have a strategy and the leadership to get it done. And we’re not planning on hiring any time soon.

Today, I’m working my job – not letting it work me. I’m in the office at 8AM and I work a good 10 to 20 hours more per week than I did a year ago. Because I’m getting an exponential amount of work done, I’m happy и productive. I hope we don’t get to 177 employees any time soon… unless we decide to roll out a new location!

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    Страхотна статия. Мисля за това често, защото работя в голяма компания, но в свободното си време управлявам малък уеб стартъп и няколко блога. Управлението на данни е това, което правя ежедневно, но обичам стартиращите компании, защото усещате вкуса на всяка част от бизнеса.

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